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Handbid Release Notes 2.40

Release Notes

Silent Auction Bidding Technology News

Happy July! While we know we remain in this really uncertain and unstable world, we are so proud of many of you who are pressing forward to plan fundraising events this fall and winter. And, for those who have recently run one, we are incredibly proud of your efforts and honored to be your partner.

While you are working hard to raise money and run your organization, we have been hard at work with new features in Handbid. Just this week we released the following new features:

Bloomerang Integration


There are a lot of really really good non-profit CRMs out there. Bloomerang is one of them, and they also happen to be really good people. We love working with their software and with them - so we integrated with them. So now Handbid can automatically sync Contacts and transactions directly with Bloomerang.

Live Stream Counter

Ever wonder how many people are watching your live stream? Well now we tell you. When a user ends up on the live stream page, Handbid increases a live stream view counter in the manager. When someone leaves that page, we decrease the counter by one.

Donation Block Option for Promoted Items

While Handbid has allowed you to promote any donation item, it did not let you promote all of them at once. IN other words, if you just wanted to show a donation block and let a user select their donation amount (or a custom amount), it was not possible. Well, now it is. Instead of promoting an item, you can now promote a donation block. To spice it up even more we have included a thermometer so your guests will see up to date progress toward your goal. Don’t worry, you can hide that thermometer if you want.


We hope you love these additions. We have a few more things coming in our next release we are excited to share (when they are done of course).

Have a great July!





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