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Silent Auction Tips, Auction Tips

5 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Mobile Bidding: Part 1

We get that change can be difficult, especially if your donors aren’t privy to innovation. Whether it’s innovation or technology, we’ve heard...

what is the ideal timeline for an auction event_
Silent Auction Tips, Auction Planning

What is an Ideal Timeline for Our Auction Event?

The Internet is replete with calendars, checklists and other tips and tricks on how to best plan your silent auction.  Most of them include a...

Silent Auction Tips

Best Practices for Managing your Silent Auction Volunteers

While we do staff events at Handbid, we always recommend that our clients bring in just a few senior staff from the mobile bidding company and...

Handbid News, Fundraising

Interesting Facts from Silent Auctions: iPhone vs. Android Bidding Stats

We all know the mobile OS market share is led by Android, especially world wide. Android devices have flooded the market with many carriers...

Silent Auction Tips, Fundraising

7 Tips to Get More Donations Before Your Auction Starts

Auctions are one of the most effective, engaging, and reliable fundraising events for nonprofits of all sizes. This is especially true when...

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Silent Auction Tips, Auction Tips

How to Get your Bidders Ready for Mobile Bidding Before Your Event

Your auction is coming up, you are still scrambling to get items organized and images loaded into your auction platform. It always seems that so...

Silent Auction Tips

How to Gamify Your Silent Auction to Drive Participation

We all want more participation in our silent auctions don’t we? After all, participation should equate to more revenue. Historically, auction...

Auction Planning

How to Attract Younger Audiences to Your Fundraising Event

When it comes to fundraising events, it simply makes sense to only invite people that have the funds to donate to your cause. That’s the point of...

Silent Auction Tips, Press Release

How to Describe Authentic Sports Memorabilia in Your Silent Auction

So your local pro or college team donated a nice piece of sports memorabilia to your auction. You are confident that it will sell for a high price...

Auction Tips

Silent Auction Tips from the Trenches: Merchandising

We continue our series of silent auction tips that come right from our “in the trenches” experience. If you read our previous posts, then you...

Silent Auction Tips, Auction Tips

3 Common Silent Auction Mistakes

Back in the BK (Before-Kids) days of my life, I loved to play golf.  When I look back on my golf experience, I tend to only recollect the 300 yard...

Silent Auction Tips, Auction Tips, Auction Planning

Setting Proper Expectations of a Revenue Goal for Your Silent Auction

Goals are important to us here at Handbid. We use them to measure how well we do across all areas of our business, and we encourage our clients to...


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