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Auction Planning

How to Attract Younger Audiences to Your Fundraising Event

When it comes to fundraising events, it simply makes sense to only invite people that have the funds to donate to your cause. That’s the point of...

Silent Auction Tips, Press Release

How to Describe Authentic Sports Memorabilia in Your Silent Auction

So your local pro or college team donated a nice piece of sports memorabilia to your auction. You are confident that it will sell for a high price...

Auction Tips

Silent Auction Tips from the Trenches: Merchandising

We continue our series of silent auction tips that come right from our “in the trenches” experience. If you read our previous posts, then you...

Silent Auction Tips, Auction Tips, Auction Planning

Setting Proper Expectations of a Revenue Goal for Your Silent Auction

Goals are important to us here at Handbid. We use them to measure how well we do across all areas of our business, and we encourage our clients to...

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Silent Auction Tips

7 Fundraising Ideas for Charities: Smart Best Practices

As part of a charitable organization, you know better than anyone else how much of a challenge fundraising can be. No matter how much experience...

Silent Auction Tips

The Secrets to Planning a Sports Auction

Sports auctions are fantastic ways to raise money for charity.

Professional sports teams are widely followed by fans across the country. They’re...

Silent Auction Tips

3 Important Rules to Understand When Running a Silent Auction

Most of us find rules to be constraining, especially when we are trying to advance our organizations and raise more money. However, some rules are...

Silent Auction Tips

Understanding the Technology Options for Your Next Silent Auction

Auctions are a lot of work! There we said it.

However, auctions are popular with guests and give them something to do at the event; and, they...

Silent Auction Tips

The Benefits of Mobile Silent Auctions

So, you are looking to change up your event and add a new component. You’ve thought about adding technology in the past but were nervous that your...

Silent Auction Tips

Top 5 Fundraising Event Themes for your Next Event

One of the most complex parts of fundraising is keeping your annual event fresh and fun. We all feel at some point that events can get stale for...

Release Notes, Features

New on Handbid: Guest List Manager & Ticketing Upgrades

Jan 8, 2018:  Handbid launches new Guest List manager and Ticketing upgrades.


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