Bid Increments and the Hidden Cost of Paper Bid Sheets

Bid Sheets for silent auction

I am often asked about best practices on how to properly set bid increments.  There are different schools of thought on this, but my answer is that they should be as “low as possible”.  Obviously “low as possible” still depends on the starting value.  However, I often find auction hosts setting them too high (as […]

3 Misconceptions of Mobile Bidding Technology


We talk with a lot of auction hosts evaluating technology options.  It is a hard process for them as they have to balance their desires to improve the experience for bidders against the desires of their management and board.  We can sympathize. After all, we are involved with our own non-profits and actively run auctions […]

Does the Handbid Mobile Auction platform support Buy-It-Now?

antique store cash register buttons close

A Buy-it-Now, Instant-Purchase is an option some silent auctions offer that allows a bidder to purchase the item outright for a specific price.  It is not a commonly seen feature and we suspect that it is rarely acted upon by bidders. We do not recommend using a Buy-it-Now option and here is why: 1. You […]

Handbid now has extended bidding! There, happy now Sherry?

Handbid now has extended bidding!  There, happy now Sherry?

Extended bidding, also known as an “anti-sniping” feature, allows for specific items to be extended past the auction close time if there are active bidders still placing bids. In most cases, a window is set (e.g. 2-5 minutes) and if a bid occurs within this window, the item is extended to allow bidding to continue. […]

Hey Mary, you missed a slide!

Hey Mary, you missed a slide!

It’s hard to be engaged in the Mobile Local Social realm and not have heard of Mary Meeker from Kleiner Perkins.   Few can summarize the state of technology trends as well as she can, and everyone eagerly awaits her annual Internet Trends report.  She just presented her latest one at the D10 Conference in Early […]

You may not be ready for technology…but your bidders are!

You may not be ready for technology...but your bidders are!

A recent Pew Research study indicated that 53% of US Adults now own a smartphone with ~80% of those being an Android or iPhone device.  Moreover, smartphone ownership is significantly higher in middle-aged and older adults. All relevant segments of the population are buying smartphones. Below are the growth numbers per segment: 54% of adults […]

Creating our first product video… almost

Creating our first product video... almost

Showing off your app is crucial, especially when you have some much off to show. Here is a test setup we did last night. Our goal was to get the lighting and angle down. We are going to go at it again this weekend with some better hardware and additional talent. This would not be […]

Where Have We Been?

Where Have We Been?

Its been a while since we last posted a blog.  I am sure many of you have wondered what we have been up to.  Well, we have been hyper-focused on making our software the best it can be and to make Handbid more accessible to a larger number of charities and non-profits. Meet BidPad, our […]

Four Keys to Apple’s Success and Ours

Four Keys to Apple's Success and Ours

I read this article recently and thought it spoke accurately about our approach at Handbid. While I do admire Apple Computer and their success, l also fundamentally believe and agree with these premises for any company (and also for any person as well). In fact, there are as many life lessons here for an individual […]