5 Things that can Improve Your Silent Auction (5/5) – Use a Mobile Bidding System

We have touched on mobile bidding in each of the previous blog posts, but it is so important that we feel we should devote an entire post to it on its own.  Consider the following benefits of a Mobile bidding system like Handbid. Mobile bidding allows you to do early bidding We touched on this […]

5 Things that can Improve Your Silent Auction (4/5) – Checkout and Payment!

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We have all heard the horror stories about long checkout lines. We lived those before we created Handbid so we remember how the pain felt. The obvious thing to do is to automate the creation of invoices and payment with an automated system. But there is more to it than that. I have seen so […]

5 Things that can Improve Your Silent Auction (3/5) – Pre-Bidding

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What is pre-bidding? For those of you having a silent auction at your fundraising event, pre-bidding is the practice of opening up your auction beforehand.  For most, this ranges from 3-5 days prior to the event.  If done correctly, pre-bidding can have a profound effect on your overall auction’s success.  This is what we will […]

Silent Auction Fair Market Value & the Art of Starting Bids and Bid Increments

When it comes to silent auctions, we often get the question: where should I set my starting bid and bid increments? If you search around the Internet, you will find some rules of thumb and some best practices. In most cases these are based upon some sort of basis such as “Fair Market Value” (FMV). […]

5 Things that can Improve Your Silent Auction (2/5) – Product Merchandising


This post is “step 2″ in our 5 step series on how to improve your silent auction.  Last time we discussed how to reduce time in lines at checkin and checkout.  In this post, we are going to talk about merchandising. If you promise to hang in there with me and read through this post on merchandising, […]

5 Things that can Improve Your Silent Auction (1/5) – Streamline Registration & Checkin


We are starting off a multi-part series on things you can do to improve your auction experience.  In this first post, we will focus on registration and checkin. You need to get people connected to your auction as quickly and as easily as possible. Outside of parking/valet, checkin/registration is the first thing people experience when they […]

5 Things you can do to improve your silent auction experience …


We are going to start a 5 part-series on various ways you can improve your silent auction experience. Most auction managers focus on direct methods to improve revenue such as: get better items, get more items or have more bidders attend; but, they often ignore the indirect methods focused on overall bidder (guest) satisfaction. The […]

Bid Increments and the Hidden Cost of Paper Bid Sheets

Bid Sheets for silent auction

I am often asked about best practices on how to properly set bid increments.  There are different schools of thought on this, but my answer is that they should be as “low as possible”.  Obviously “low as possible” still depends on the starting value.  However, I often find auction hosts setting them too high (as […]

3 Misconceptions of Mobile Bidding Technology


We talk with a lot of auction hosts evaluating technology options.  It is a hard process for them as they have to balance their desires to improve the experience for bidders against the desires of their management and board.  We can sympathize. After all, we are involved with our own non-profits and actively run auctions […]

Does the Handbid Mobile Auction platform support Buy-It-Now?

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A Buy-it-Now, Instant-Purchase is an option some silent auctions offer that allows a bidder to purchase the item outright for a specific price.   We offer a buy-it-now option in Handbid.  However, we really caution our auction hosts to be careful with using it.  A Buy-it-Now option, if not implemented properly, can be detrimental to your […]