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5 Things We Want You To Know About Handbid

March 16, 2017 By Jeff Porter

It may not be a surprise to you that there are a number of mobile bidding companies in the market, a few of which we run into regularly when competing for business. We find competition to be good both for customers and for us (it keeps us sharp!) However, competition can also be tough,...

Don't miss the fastball! How Silent Auctions can help you capitalize on the one chance to connect to new attendees.

March 08, 2017 By Jeff Porter

We want to wrap up this series on 3 Benefits of Silent Auctions. If you have not read the first post regarding "Share of Wallet" or the 2nd Post about "Attention Span", then click over and read those as well.


Otherwise, on to the 3rd benefit:

How Silent Auctions help Humans rise above Goldfish - Benefits of Silent Auctions Part 2 of 3

March 01, 2017 By Jeff Porter

Picking up where we left off in our last post about "Are Silent Auctions Dead?" We had identified 3 benefits to running a Silent Auction and covered one of them last time.

In this post we will talk about another benefit: capturing the attention of your guests!

Silent Auctions are Dead! Or are you just looking in the wrong part of the wallet?

February 22, 2017 By Jeff Porter

We power a ton of silent auctions in a year....  ranging from high end multi-day events to small art auctions (and everything in between).   

So obviously we don't believe they are dead... I recently had someone reach out to us to discuss using Handbid for their upcoming event.  We handle a lot...

No More Chicken and Rice! Five Creative Ways to Liven Up Your Fundraising Events!

February 09, 2017 By Tracy Weise

So you are planning another fundraising event but hoping to liven things up a bit.  Are you (and your guests) tired of the same old setup? The hotel ballroom with chicken or beef  plated dinner, the emotional video and subsequent appeal, followed by a live auction which more than half the...

Silent Auction Tips from the Trenches: Tip 7 - Use Technology

January 25, 2017 By Jeff Porter

Over the past several weeks we have covered Silent Auction Tips ranging from how you setup your auction area, handle issues at your auction event , to how you describe your silent auction items. If you have not reviewed all of these tips, we suggest you go back and read through them starting...

Diana Duplantier tells a story of triumph over resistance...Handbid Heroes Part 3

January 20, 2017 By DIANA DUPLANTIER

 Hi Everyone! I haven't contributed to this Blog in a while, but I was inspired to share this story with you! Throughout the year, we run into people who truly make us smile -- people who exemplify what we are all about. Ironically, most of them are our customers! So I am going to jump in here...

Silent Auction Tips from the Trenches - Part 6 - Promoting your Event

January 04, 2017 By Jeff Porter

Happy New Year! While theoretically very little (except for dates and financial statements) change, we like to use the excuse of a new year to make other changes in our lives and work.

So, why not continue with our series on Silent Auction tips from the trenches with one more tip that can make...


December 14, 2016 By Tracy Weise

December 14, 2016

Silent Auction Tips from the Trenches - Part 5 - Names, Photos & Descriptions Matter

December 08, 2016 By Jeff Porter

In our last post, we left the world of "auction tactics" for some "non-tactical" advice on how to manage potential issues at your auction event. This week, we are going to switch back to more specific auction tips; specifically regarding item name, photo and descriptions.

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