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Trusting Technology: What “Going Virtual” Has Taught Us

Virtual Events


Wow, the last few months have been a whirlwind of change for the world, especially the fundraising world. From the mandated lockdowns to the restrictions on gatherings, this has led to a lot of immediate and necessary change for how we engage donors and raise critical funds for your charity to operate and continue to pursue your mission. 

Handbid has taken action and pivoted to the “new norm.” Uprooting in-person events and shifting everything online has been an undertaking. We applaud our Fundraising Heroes for their continued efforts in fundraising as the year rolls on with the COVID cloud above their heads. 

Join us on Thursday as we share our thoughts on what we have learned over the past few months and why organizations should be ready for a mobile bidding solution. We will cover how “Going Virtual” has been a tremendous success for so many charities and the key pieces you will need to run a successful online fundraising event.

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