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Handbid University - Running a Handbid Event from Soup to Nuts

Event Planning

When it comes to planning your Handbid Event, all roads do not lead to the same destination. The run of show for your auction event can make a big impact in how much is raised.

Here is our recommended Soup to Nuts guide to success:

Auction Manager Checklist

Here are some of the things we will cover:

- Pre-Event - what should you be doing 3 days, 2 days and the day before your event? 
- Day of the Event (pre-registration) - tasks we suggest you do prior to your guests arriving 
- Registration (we covered much of this in the last webinar) 
- Bidding (what you can be doing while people are bidding, browsing, eating, etc. to keep them engaged in the auction) 
- Dashboard (a quick introduction to Handbid TV) 
- Live Auction (how to record live auction bids during the live auction!) 
- Paddle Raise / Appeal (how to record appeals and get those into Handbid) 
- Checkout (we won't dive into this too deeply as this is a future webinar, but we will go over how we do checkout) 
- Post-auction & Reporting (following up on payments, generating reports)

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