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Virtual Events: Industry Panel - How to Make it Happen

HANDBID, Covid-19

Does the thought of moving your event to a virtual one stress you out?

Virtual Events are the only choice right now for any charity looking to run a fundraiser. But the thought of doing a fundraiser online freaks most people out.

We understand and empathize with your fears:

  • Is the timing event right? Should I be asking for donations right now?
  • Can I create the same type of experience online that I had with my in-person event?
  • Should I just skip this year because I expect everything will be back to "normal" next year?
  • Or do I need to incorporate a virtual element to my events ongoing?

In this webinar, our panel of experts will address all of your fears and questions.  They will discuss how their respective businesses have pivoted to virtual events.  They will share their successes and failures and provide valuable insights as you plan for your virtual fundraiser.

Our Panel:

  • Lindsey Gertz, Footers Catering- lindsey@footerscatering.com
  • Josh Iley, AVEX Audio Visual- ji@goavex.com
  • Marissa Walters, Wild Hair Auctions- marissa.v.walters@gmail.com
  • John Tobey, John Tobey Event Design- jt@jtobey.com



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