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Auction-In-a-Box Live Demo

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Auction In a Box Demo

Through the last few months, we have been hard at work developing the best tools for charities to utilize for their virtual events.

As discussed in our previous webinars, we have launched our all-in-one-package called "Auction In a Box". In this webinar we would like to give you a breakdown and a real-time example of how the service works and may be applied to your event!

What we will cover is the process
detailed below: 

  • First, we will introduce the team and all the working pieces Handbid will provide for your event.
  • we will cover what the Auction in a Box kick off meeting with the whole team and meeting with your video team will look like.

  • We will cover what it means to have your script draft ready and have your logos, video, and color scheme ready to provide.

  • Next, we will dive into the additional support pieces included from coaching to Virtual Event Assistant to Handbid Headstart.

  • Following this will be an explanation of how the video team plans build out your scenes based on your script.

  • Finally, we will dive into the rehearsals and explain how this will take place followed by some best practices. 

  • And after all of that, it will be EVENT TIME! We will cover what the day of looks like for you, your team, and the Handbid crew. 
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