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Travel ignites curiosity and with Auction Packages we can change lives…both our own and those impacted positively by the missions of nonprofits we partner with.

What was once just a “vacation” becomes something far more meaningful for all involved.

We offer the broadest range of consignment experiences for inclusion in Live Auctions, Silent Auctions, Virtual Galas and raffles at, the most competitive pricing available. Within the consignment industry we are the leading provider of global Private Residences designed to meet preferences for many of today's travelers.

We partner with renowned travel & adventure companies, hotel providers, & “local experts” on the ground -from international chefs to fly fishing guides to Broadway stars - to deliver risk-free, customizable one-of-a-kind experiences to our valued nonprofit clients. We deliver marketing resources, best practices and a strategy designed to impact charitable fundraising goals positively.

With over 200 diverse experiences in our portfolio,  the only choice to be made is "where to travel to first?' Let us help you by choosing perfect selections for your valued supporters. Let us help encourage more people to "vacation for a cause".

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