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MasterClass 4 | The dreaded check-in doesn’t have to be dreaded

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We are sorry we missed you! 

But you can view the video content from this Webinar here.

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All this work and planning and now the event is upon you. You fear you won’t be ready and that registration will be a mess. Your guest list is not complete, and your mobile bidding company refuses to arrive 6 hours early to help. Ugh! You fear long lines and frustrated guests; and who wants angry guests BEFORE you have even asked them to donate? What can we do?

Don’t worry! In this class we will not just talk you off the ledge, we will help you put an organized plan in place to remove much of this stress and make your check-in smooth!

Will we show you how to completely eliminate lines? Nope (because we can’t), but we will show you how to best manage them and keep things moving along quickly.

In addition, we will show you how to get your guest list in the best condition it can be; organize your check-in area for success, and share with you OUR best practices to make it rock.

In a nutshell, we will cover:

  • What you should be doing the week before your event to get ready for registration
  • Options to invite users in advance and get them registered early
  • Setting a plan for check-in - should you use a guest list?
  • Prepping your guest list for success (if you intend to use one)
  • Getting your registration area organized for a smooth check-in
  • Keys to keeping the lines moving and your guests happy
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