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Handbid Release Notes 2.41: New Auction Close Feature and Raffle Winner Selection Tool

Release Notes

Silent Auction Bidding Technology News

Happy August! As the summer heat intensifies, as well as the fires here in Colorado, I think we are all getting a little weary. But never fear, our hard working product and development team have continued to press forward with new features and improvements to the platform.

Today, we released the following new features in Handbid:

Automated Auction Close Feature

With more events going online, the desire to close an event at a future date and time has been a big request. Now, you can schedule your auction to close at some point in the future and go to bed. Handbid will wake itself up right at that time and close your auction and process your invoices!

To schedule a future date, simply click on the “Stop Auction” menu item and select “Close Auction by Timer”. There you will be met with a new dialog that will allow you to schedule a future auction close time.



Raffle Purchase Report and Random Selector

Our clients are running more and more raffles and prize drawings these days online (NOTE! Be sure you are licensed properly in your respective territory/state). To make it easier to process a winner, we have added a new raffle report and random winner selector.

This report will take any forSale item you designate as a “Raffle” item (you do that on the item’s settings) and run a report for you showing you every purchase. So, if you had a user purchase 5 items, they would show up in the report 5 times. You can then randomize this list and then randomly (from the randomized list) select a row (winner) from the list. This should make it easier for you to process purchases and select a winner.



We hope you love these additions. We have a few more things coming in our next release we are excited to share (when they are done of course).

Have a great rest of the Summer!




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