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Handbid Fundraising MasterClass Webinars

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Introducing MasterClass

Running a great fundraising event is hard. Trust us, we know. We have been running our own fundraisers (galas, golf tournaments, auctions) for years and often learned the hard way on what to do and not-to-do. As we developed best practices, we implemented in our own fundraising software platform, Handbid. In short, Handbid is more than a software package, it is an integrated suite of best practices, processes, and tools that are designed to make your fundraising events the best they can be.

In this Master Class series, we teach, share and collaborate with you on how to run a great event. While this will all be based around the Handbid software, there is enough here to help anyone running an event. Below is the syllabus - click on any of the buttons below to sign up (Some times TBD).


Class 1 - Change up your fundraiser

Feel like your fundraiser needs a “refresh”? We hear this a lot, and it all comes down to wanting to keep your guests coming back and engaged! We have seen and heard about so many events themes, formats, and other features that we feel are worthy to share.

In this class we will cover:

  • Popular themes we have seen for fundraisers
  • Should I use technology at my event? What if my guests hate tech?
  • Things to consider when selecting a venue
  • Flip flops or formal? What works best?
  • Other tips to create a memorable event

Class 1 Recording


Class 2 - Raise More Money at your Fundraising Event

This class will cover the common revenue-generating elements of a fundraiser (tickets, sponsorships, raffles/drawings, silent auction, live auction, appeals) and answer those common questions:

  • How should I manage tickets and sponsorships?
  • Can I do a raffle?
  • Should I have a silent or live auction?
  • What is the best way to integrate an appeal?
  • What best practices are there for raising more money?

Class 2 Recording



Class 3 - Event SOS - When things go wrong

So this is our biggest collective fear, right? How can we avoid problems at our event and how do we handle it when we encounter an issue? No doubt you would be the most sought-after event manager in history if you were able to prevent problems from happening, but we can make you a big-enough event manager rockstar by showing you how to best handle them. In this class we will cover:

  • Most common types of issues encountered at events and how to avoid them.
  • Best ways to handle that disgruntled guest (or board member)
  • How to handle problems when they do arise
  • Top tips on how to diffuse those tense situations

Class 3 Recording



Class 4 - The dreaded check-in doesn’t have to be dreaded

All this work and planning and now the event is upon you. You fear you won’t be ready and that registration will be a mess. Your guest list is not complete, and your mobile bidding company refuses to arrive 6 hours early to help. Ugh! You fear long lines and frustrated guests; and who wants angry guests BEFORE you have even asked them to donate? What can we do?

Don’t worry! In this class we will not just talk you off the ledge, we will help you put an organized plan in place to remove much of this stress and make your check-in smooth!

Will we show you how to completely eliminate lines? Nope (because we can’t), but we will show you how to best manage them and keep things moving along quickly.

In addition, we will show you how to get your guest list in the best condition it can be; organize your check-in area for success, and share with you OUR best practices to make it rock.

In a nutshell, we will cover:

  • What you should be doing the week before your event to get ready for registration
  • Options to invite users in advance and get them registered early
  • Setting a plan for check-in - should you use a guest list?
  • Prepping your guest list for success (if you intend to use one)
  • Getting your registration area organized for a smooth check-in
  • Keys to keeping the lines moving and your guests happy

Today, Nov 6th @ 8AM MT

Today, Nov 6th @ 10AM MT

Today, Nov 6th @ 1PM MT

Class 5 - Keep your guests engaged!

Ok, check-in is over and your guests are inside. Now, most wonder, what should we be doing to keep guests engaged in our auction and other activities? In this class we will cover:

  • Best practices around locating and organizing your auction area
  • How to staff and manage your auction area so people bid!
  • Things to do to keep people engaged in the auction and event.
  • Generate bidding interest with some simple silent auction tips and tricks.

Today, Nov 13th @ 8AM MT

Today, Nov 13th @ 10AM MT

Today, Nov 13th @ 1PM MT

Class 6 - Closing out your Auction….

At some point, the auction needs to close and people need to go home. How do you determine when and how to close our silent auction, generate receipts and prepare a great checkout. In this class we will cover:

  • Best practices on when to close your silent auction
  • Getting your live auctioneer on board with your auction close plans
  • Integrating live auction bids into your silent auction invoices
  • How to record live appeal donations
  • Closing your auction
  • Organizing your checkout area
  • Helping people get home with their stuff!

Thursday, Nov 21st @ 8AM MT

Today, Nov 21st @ 10AM MT

Today, Nov 21st @ 1PM MT

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