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Five P2P Campaign Ideas To Bring In Funds Now

Peer to Peer, Covid-19

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The devastating effects of COVID-19 have been overwhelming lately and it’s hard to know if there is an end in sight. Families and communities are suffering and the economic fallout has been particularly difficult on the nonprofit industry. Many of us have been forced to cancel fundraising events that produce revenue vital to sustaining our missions and are uncertain about our organizations’ financial futures. We are now searching for new ways to replace this much-needed revenue through online fundraising. One such method is Peer-to-Peer (P2P) fundraising. Here are some ideas for potential P2P campaigns that may help replace lost event revenue immediately. Ultimately, the most important thing is to put together a campaign that makes sense for your organization, your mission, and your unique network of supporters.


Graduation Fund graduate 

If your organization works with young adults or if you are fundraising for a high school or university, you may be well suited to organize a campaign around graduation. Schools are being forced to postpone or cancel commencement ceremonies. Consider asking people to donate towards the graduating class to support during this time. Students, teachers, and alumni are suggested fundraisers for these types of campaigns. 

Back To School Fund


For schools and organizations that serve low-income and disadvantagedstudents, the consequences of closing schools and/or moving to online instruction may be severe. Students will fall behind in their school work, which may have a ripple effect on their development and may impact their preparedness for the upcoming school year in the fall. A “Back To School Fund” can contribute to alleviating some of these issues for your organization. Volunteers, teachers, and parents are suggested fundraisers for these types of campaigns. 

Holiday/Annual Giving Campaignholiday

Lots of organizations focus their efforts on #GivingTuesday or end-of-year giving. While these events are still important, there are plenty of other holidays that may lend themselves to your organization or mission. For example, a nonprofit that serves military families or veterans might consider doing a campaign around Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or Veterans Day. Some organizations may choose to do their annual campaign in the spring since the fall and end of year are much more competitive. Board members, corporate donors, individual donors, and program participants are suggested fundraisers for these types of campaigns.

Missed Eventcanceledevent

If the reason you are looking to do a P2P campaign now is because of a cancelled event, then why not make the cancelled event into the campaign theme itself? No need to beat around the bush with your supporters. You might simply name the campaign after the lost event and make it clear that you are hoping to replace the lost revenue from the cancellation. Volunteers, committee members, sponsors, and event attendees are suggested fundraisers for these types of campaigns.

Emergency or Recovery Fundemergency

If your organization’s mission or programs are directly impacted by COVID-19, then what are you waiting for? Put together an emergency relief campaign and explain to donors why these funds are needed immediately! 

Even if your organization is only impacted by COVID-19 financially, you might consider a fund recovery campaign. We recommend being honest with your donors and letting them know that due to the economic climate and recent revenue loss, your nonprofit is suffering and is in jeopardy. Be transparent, let them know the current state of affairs in your organization, and make them understand that support is needed for you to survive this disaster and keep important programs afloat. Board members, corporate donors, individual donors, and program participants are suggested fundraisers for these types of campaigns.


By Brittany LaGanke

Brittany LaGanke joined Corporate Giving Connection (CGC) as the Director of Nonprofit Development after several years in the nonprofit sector. Initially starting her career in program management and later transitioning into development, Brittany has gained valuable insight into the common obstacles that organizations face while attempting to secure funding. Brittany leans on her extensive experiences in event/auction management and proven track record in cultivating corporate donors to provide strategic solutions for nonprofit consulting clients.

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