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Do you speak whale?  Handbid Heroes Part 1


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At Handbid, in addition to helping customers learn our software and improve their auction, we spend time counseling our customers on how to manage the change to mobile bidding; and, the uncertainty that goes along with it.  We hear these questions all the time:

  • Will my guests like it?
  • Will my auction make more money?
  • Will the technology work?

We firmly believe the answer is “Yes” to each of these.  We help our customers work through all of these questions and provide them evidence where necessary to back up our beliefs.   Regardless of the overwhelming evidence, you still need a bit of faith that things will work out for your event.  


 Photo from Disney/Pixar Corporation

How do you know that something won’t go wrong?  

You don’t.  We wrote about that a while ago in a blog “When something goes wrong at your event, not if but when..”

All we know is that we won’t ever know and we won’t ever grow unless we move forward and “do it.” As we like to say, “A turtle doesn’t get very far unless he sticks his neck out.”  

The people who have the courage to push their organizations forward are heroes.  We talk to a lot of them and we appreciate what they do.  

We want to talk about some of these courageous people over the next several posts in a series we will call Handbid Heroes.  

To start, we want to illustrate a fictional character who fits the bill in our book perfectly….


Dory from Finding Nemo!

dory.jpgPhoto from Pixar Wikia.  Dory and Finding Nemo and all associated characters the property of the Pixar/Disney Corporation.  

We love Dory.  She loves life (“just keep swimming”) and she rarely lets stress get to her. She is talented (she can read and she can speak “whale”), and she is an optimist.  

In addition, she takes calculated risks (not reckless ones).  


One of our favorite scenes is when Dory and Marlin are in the whale.  

Marlin, the classic pessimist and naysayer, spouts off with his series of negative assertions (can you just hear it in your own committee meeting?)

  • Dory can’t speak whale
  • The whale only has bad intentions (he wants to eat them)
  • The water is "half-empty" (not half full)
  • Nothing good is going to happen - only bad things will happen.

But Dory has quite the opposite perspective

  • She is speaking with the whale and understanding (for the most part)  what the whale is telling her
  • She doesn’t believe the whale has bad intentions
  • She thinks the sinking pool of water is "half-full"
  • And.. best of all....she has faith that something good will happen (because she trusts the whale).  

Marlin, in a plea of desperation, and knowing that Dory is ready to take the plunge asks her, “how do you know nothing bad will happen?” to which she replies “I don’t.

Wow is she right!  You don't know, and the fear of not knowing is enough to paralyze some people and organizations.  Positive change only happens when you trust, take a calculated risk and "let go."  

In the end (spoiler alert), they both take the plunge and it all turns out ok: the whale deposits them at their destination safely in Syndey Harbor.  

You can watch a video of the scene here:


We try to help a lot of "Dorys"  handle the "Marlins" in their organizations and on their committees.  We give them evidence and help them with counter-points and show how the shift to mobile bidding is a risk worth taking.  But in the end, the Dory’s simply need to convince the Marlins to “let go.”

 If you are a Dory out there, we applaud your efforts. You are a true Handbid Hero.  It is your attitude and courage that will advance your organization and improve the world we live in..


“just keep swimming!”

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