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5 Things To Improve the Silent Auction Experience

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We are going to start a 5-part series on various ways you can improve your silent auction experience.

Most auction managers focus on direct methods to improve revenue such as: get better items, get more items or have more bidders attend; but, they often ignore the indirect methods focused on overall bidder (guest) satisfaction. The bottom line is that you need bidders connected to and engaged with your auction if you want them to bid. What does engaged mean? Engaged means they are paying attention and participating. If you have experienced an auction where people are frantically bidding back and forth on items, you have seen engagement.

So, you need to maximize the opportunity for bidders to "bid more". It is also important to eliminate frustrations (waiting in lines, crowded areas); namely anything that will hinder their ability to browse items and bid.

This is what we will cover over the next 5 posts where we will introduce another tactic that can help you improve your auction experience for your bidders. Just remember a happy bidder is an active bidder, and an active bidder is helping you increase revenue.

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